Why Product Designers Must Write

You’re more than a designer. You’re a communicator.

Copywriting vs UX writing

Closeup of “Get the good sheet” copywriting on Brooklinen’s website.
A punchy copy-written headline helps bed sheet retailer Brooklinen generate email newsletter signups
Microsoft Outlook app with Text Prediction UX writing text on display.
UX writing “What’s the best time to meet” augments traditional copywriting as visitors learn about Microsoft Outlook’s Text Predictions feature.

UX writing can help prevent worst-case scenarios.

Apparent screenshot of actual Robinhood app showing negative cash balance.
Screenshot of what appears to be a negative cash balance of $730,165.72.
Beaumont My Chart app with red text prominently displayed.
My Chart app considers both text and placement of text to keeps user’s informed of the potential they may see life-changing information.

Use your skills to help get the right words in place.

UX writing, for better experiences.

Comparing xFinity and Netflix side by side.
No search results: XFinity vs Netflix
Netflix app with “Explore titles related to” microcopy.
Netflix desktop app: “Explore titles related to” takes no search results one step further.
Coinbase website with “How can we help you”? in search field.
Coinbase website: “How can we help you?” works as a conversational alternative to simply writing “search.”
Webflow: While the app loads UXW informs and adds levity while customers wait.
2 modal windows comparing opt-out language.
CB2 vs GQ: Neutral opt-out language avoids upsetting users.
A confusing CTA inside an email capture form.
CNN website: “Reject My Briefings” confuses instead of clarifies.
Spotify email capture form
Spotify website: “We saved a spot for your email” jazzes up a normal statement that might read “email.”
Flinto 404 webpage
Flinto’s website: Sub-optimal UX and UXW on 404 page.
Stocksy 404 webpage
Stocksy website: A great example of UX writing and traditional copywriting.

Final words



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